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Getting you Answers

Do you have a question about the proposal or where we are in the process? Check below to see if someone else has been curious about the same thing. If you can’t find an answer to your question below, send us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The Proposal

Our current proposal includes a 9-storey mid-rise purpose-built rental building with retail at grade. The building includes 156 units, with a mix of one, two, and three-bedrooms. Parking for the building would be located underground with 25 spaces dedicated to the retail use as well as a 121 residential and 24 visitor spaces. Bicycle parking provided includes 145 long-term spaces and 25 short-term spaces. 

Medallion is interested in having a grocery store return as the anchor tenant. The drawings are currently designed to accommodate a medium-sized grocer, and Medallion would consider it a great addition to the proposed building.  

Rental buildings that are built today have evolved from their dated reputation. They now offer many of the same amenities and services as condominiums. This new development will bring a new type of rental living with high-quality and long-lasting finishes as well as modern and new amenities, for future tenants’ use and enjoyment. The defining difference is not in the built form, but the tenure. A rental building is owned by one company whereas a condominium is owned by individual unit owners. Medallion will own and manage this property. 

The Process

Check out this website’s Timeline page to see where we are in the development application process. 

Submit your feedback through this website! We want to hear from anyone who is interested in the proposal. You will also have the opportunity to share feedback through the City’s public consultation process. We will be sure to update this website’s timeline with dates of these opportunities.

There is no concrete answer for this, as many things change throughout the application process. However, typically, for this type of proposal, we could expect an approval in 12-18 months following the submission of the application.

At this stage we are very early in the process. Below is a simplified estimate of the typical timing of an application like this one:

1. Application submitted October 2020


 2. 12-18 months: Zoning By-law Amendment & Site Plan Control Applications Approved 


3. 2-3 years: Construction 


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